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PM Boris Johnson’s visit reflects a broader Western overture to India

PM Boris Johnson’s visit reflects a broader Western overture to India

In Gujarat today as part of his two-day visit to India, UK PM Boris Johnson has said that he hopes to see a free trade agreement between the two countries completed by this year’s end. India of course has earlier this year signed the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with UAE and then the Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement with Australia. Plus, alongside the UK FTA negotiations India is also pursuing an FTA with the EU. The world is watching with great interest as the country’s trade policy moves into a welcome higher gear.

It is against this backdrop that the UK is expected to refrain from lecturing India on the Russia-Ukraine crisis, even though the two countries have sharply divergent positions on it today. Indeed Johnson traveled to Kyiv earlier this month, in a high-profile show of support to President Zelensky. And now in India he will be signing agreements in sectors ranging from education to defense and security. This is evidence of countries in the western camp accepting that they cannot force Indian foreign policy as they desire. Instead, it is economic logic and the force of democracy that have a much better shot at prying India away from Russia.
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