PM to attend first conclave of chief secretaries on June 16-17 | India News

NEW DELHI: In its bid to focus on key issues of urban governance, education and agriculture, and ensure coordinated efforts of states, the Centre will host a two-day conclave of all state chief secretaries later this month at Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. PM Narendra Modi will participate in the conclave scheduled on June 16-17, sources said.
This is the first time such a conference of top bureaucrats is being held to discuss key issues in detail. “Details of the schedule are being prepared by the ministries concerned. The conclave will be more consultative in nature and to find out the challenges that the top officers face so that corrective measures can be taken,” said an official.
Sources said the conclave gains importance considering that states governed by opposition parties have some or other issues with Centre and in recent months, the differences have grown. The move to bring all heads of state administration may send a positive message when the Centre is trying to convince states to join Centre’s initiatives.

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