#Whatif ‘Memento’ was made in Mollywood

#Simon Says, “Both the directors Christopher Nolan and Lijo Jose Pellissery are different from each other regarding the movie genres they are handling. But both of their multiple-layered storytelling patterns are kinda similar. Coming to a non-linear film like ‘Memento’, the Mollywood director Lijo Jose Pellissery could do justice to its Mollywood remake.”#Simon Says, “So we have successfully travelled the realm of the Hollywood film ‘Memento’ and have checked most of the possibilities on #Whatif the film was made in Mollywood. With such a renowned director like Lijo Jose Pellissery directing the remake, we can expect nothing but wonders to happen. I really hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode. Let’s meet next week at the same time with yet another interesting episode of #Whatif.”(Picture Courtesy: Facebook)

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