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America’s boardrooms have been bullied by entities like BLM into going ‘woke’: Former McDonald’s CEO

America's boardrooms have been bullied by entities like BLM into going 'woke': Former McDonald's CEO

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Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi called out American corporations for going ‘woke’ Friday, telling “America Reports” boardrooms should not get involved in “social or political engineering.”

ED RENSI: The last couple of years there has been an awful lot of bullying going on. This is the classic fear that our founders had of the tyranny of the minority. I think a lot of our media has been complicit. When you look at Black Lives Matter and its being born during the Floyd murder case and all that, boards are somewhat scared because of these things. And now you’ve got the environmental social work that’s going on, and insurance companies are going to rate companies on the basis of how well they do studies and how they report on them. And they are going to rate the companies down if they don’t do a good job. Well, that’s not the job of insurance companies, and it’s certainly not the job of corporations. Corporations’ responsibility is to grow their profit for the benefit of the shareholders. By doing that properly they are going to elevate all employees. So, whether you are brown-skinned, black-skinned, or minority, or gay, whoever you may be, you have an opportunity that’s equal in these public companies to grow and prosper and build your own careers. It should be fairness above all else. We need to have equality across the workforce.


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