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Apple’s ‘pregnant man’ emoji is more ‘corporate hypocrisy,’ says American Family Association VP

Apple's 'pregnant man' emoji is more 'corporate hypocrisy,' says American Family Association VP

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The vice president of a pro-family group is calling out “corporate hypocrisy” after Apple unveiled a “pregnant man” emoji, sparking parental outrage over its “woke” agenda. 


American Family Association Executive Vice President Ed Vitagliano highlighted the “complexity” of gender identity topics on “America’s Newsroom,” warning parents are fed up with corporations inserting themselves into the sensitive discussion. 

“These are very complex issues when you’re dealing with gender and human sexuality,” Vitagliano told co-host Bill Hemmer. “And that’s why I think parents… look askance at corporate fat cats, if you want to call it that, who insinuate themselves into family discussions about that complexity, especially in light of corporate hypocrisy.”

“When Apple has a lot of its business in China, which has its own human rights abuses, I think it becomes apparent to parents that these companies are after one thing and that’s making the next buck, and they don’t really care about the kids,” he continued. 

The American Family Association released a statement earlier this week, condemning the move for what it calls “corporate cultural indoctrination.”


The statement read in part, “Through this seemingly casual introduction of ‘woke’ emojis, Apple joins the ranks of corporate giants such as Disney and Netflix in the list of companies creating a stir as they promote gender confusion through their products.”

“I think they want corporations to back off and let them do the parenting,” Vitagliano said. “And Apple, you go ahead and make your iPhones and whatnot, and we’ll take care of the family.”

The new emoji was released earlier this year, alongside the “pregnant person” emoji, through a voluntary update. 

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