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Former DOJ prosecutor: This is the ‘ultimate test’ for the attorney general in the Hunter Biden investigation

Former federal prosecutor reveals the 'ultimate test' for the attorney general in Hunter Biden investigation

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Former DOJ prosecutor Jim Trusty detailed what outcome could be expected in the Hunter Biden investigation on Friday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” noting that the ultimate test for the attorney general is whether this is just a tax case or something bigger.

JIM TRUSTY: I really think that’s going to be the ultimate test here of the attorney general ultimately, is whether or not this is just a tax case or something bigger. I mean, the investigation has two big landmark self-inflicted injuries that we know of, the first being leaving the laptop at the repair shop. The second is probably this — fighting a paternity suit against an Arkansas stripper has led to an easy avenue for federal prosecutors to have kind of contemporaneous records of income and expenses for Hunter Biden. I mean, these are self-inflicted dumb moves by him, but they don’t guarantee that the probe is being done honestly and objectively. It doesn’t guarantee they’re going to see a result that implicates all the federal laws that are really in play for his conduct. 


There’s a question of whether they’re viewing James as a conduit for more information, just a witness – or if he’s a subject or a target, and those are things that only a few people in this world know right now. But look, I mean, you know, I think you’re right that if they’re looking expansively at other people, it sounds like more than a tax case. Remember the only people that have called this a tax investigation are Hunter’s own attorneys, they kind of set that out as a trial balloon, and we don’t really have any confirmation what the scope is from the U.S. Attorney’s Office


The endgame here is going to be a big old permission slip from the attorney general and whether that’s a soft plea on a busy Friday afternoon to like a tax misdemeanor, or whether it’s a robust serious investigation and prosecution that implicates other people and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act…money laundering, all the things that are really at play. That’s the big wait and see about this attorney general. It’s not just the integrity of the investigators in the U.S. Attorney. 


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