GOP Senate candidate T.W. Shannon targets ‘racist’ Planned Parenthood in ad: ‘True face of White supremacy’

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EXCLUSIVE — Oklahoma U.S. Senate candidate T.W. Shannon called Planned Parenthood “the true face of White supremacy in America” in a new campaign ad that debuts on Thursday.

“The truth is, there is nobody, no organization, more racist than Planned Parenthood,” Shannon told Fox News Digital, saying he wants to enlighten the American people about the organization’s history. 

The ad, which features Shannon outside a Planned Parenthood facility, begins by calling founder Margaret Sanger a “vile racist” because of her support for eugenics that often targeted people of color. 


U.S. Senate candidate T.W. Shannon, R-Okla., feels the legacy of Planned Parenthood’s controversial founder shouldn’t be celebrated. 

“400,000 Black babies killed every year since Roe v. Wade,” Shannon says as the graphic declared, “Just like they planned.”

Prominent Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Vice President Kamala Harris are then shown declaring their support for the group. 

“Don’t tell me Black lives matter until these lives matter,” Shannon says to conclude the ad. 

Shannon, a former Speaker of the Oklahoma House who announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate last month, believes Sanger’s troubled legacy shouldn’t be worshipped by pro-abortion liberals. She was a birth control advocate and eugenics enthusiast who founded a clinic in 1916 that eventually became Planned Parenthood. In 1926, she spoke at a Ku Klux Klan rally in New Jersey to educate the women in attendance on birth control methods, according to Planned Parenthood’s “Our History” section. 

Planned Parenthood has disavowed Margaret Sanger for believing in eugenics but publicly chose to “reckon with” her ties to racist ideology because completely casting her aside would hurt women’s “sexual reproductive health.”


“Sanger believed in eugenics — an inherently racist and ableist ideology that labeled certain people unfit to have children. Eugenics is the theory that society can be improved through planned breeding for ‘desirable traits’ like intelligence and industriousness. In the early 20th century, eugenic ideas were popular among highly educated, privileged, and mostly White Americans,” Planned Parenthood’s site explains. 

Sanger’s controversial past is so prominent that Planned Parenthood even published a video explaining “was she, or was she not, a racist?” 

Ultimately, Planned Parenthood disavowed Sanger for believing in eugenics but publicly chose to “reckon with” her ties to the racist ideology because completely casting her aside would hurt women’s “sexual reproductive health.”

U.S. Senate candidate T.W. Shannon, R-Okla., called Planned Parenthood “the true face of White supremacy in America” in a new campaign ad.

Shannon feels cancel culture would get involved if it weren’t for Democratic support of Planned Parenthood. 

“Their founder was a vile eugenicist who wanted to exterminate Black people. That’s just the reality,” he said. “In this day of where Democrats want to cancel everybody whose ever been associated with anything evil, or ever been associated anything that even appears to not be politically correct … there was a woman who created an organization to exterminate Black people.” 

Planned Parenthood did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.


Shannon previously slammed the “woke” left in a campaign ad, and has regularly suggested the far-left have declared war on conservatives. This time he honed in on Planned Parenthood, an organization that is beloved by liberals and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of abortions every year.

“I think every person in America should be distancing themselves and canceling the Democrat Party,” Shannon said. “The truth is 400,000 Black babies are killed every year in partnership with Planned Parenthood, abortion, the abortion industry and the Democratic Party. That’s just a reality. That’s not, you know, T.W. Shannon’s opinion. That’s a fact.”

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