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Jesse Watters: Democrats are panicked a red wave is coming and Biden is asleep

Jesse Watters: Democrats are panicked a red wave is coming and Biden is asleep

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Jesse Watters warned on “Jesse Watters Primetime” that Democrats could be facing a Jimmy Carter situation if they primary Joe Biden in 2024.

JESSE WATTERS: Biden is already worse off than Carter. Even though they bother caused foreign and domestic catastrophes, Carter could at least form a coherent sentence. Democrats are panicking, a red wave is coming and their captain is sound asleep.  The New York Times says Democrats are heading for the lifeboats, “A sense of fatalism is setting in among many, with discussion centering increasingly on how to limit the party’s expected losses rather than how to gain new seats.” Meanwhile, the Washington Post is trying to scare people into voting blue. They say the White House has already getting ready for Republican led investigations once Republicans take over Congress, “Senior officials have begun strategizing on how the various White House departments, especially the counsel’s office, may be restructured to respond to an onslaught of investigative requests if Democrats lose control of the House or the Senate in November’s midterm elections, as many in both parties expect.” 

You don’t start restructuring unless you got something to hide and I bet this has a lot to do with Hunter Biden in the big guy. These upcoming investigations are going to hurt Biden’s already tattered image horribly. Most Americans don’t even want him to run again. According to a new survey, only 19 percent support him running for a second term. More people want, “not sure” to run for president than Joe. We’re not sure who this “not sure” guy is, but he sounds kind of like a smart dude. Maybe “not sure” supports a strong border, maybe “not sure” is tough on crime, and may beat “not sure” knows how to stand up to the Easter Bunny. Whoever “not sure” is, he’s got to be better than the guy we have now. 

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