Jesse Watters: If you’re a Democrat in this country, you could get away with anything

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Jesse Watters highlights ‘liberal privilege” and how Democrats often receive help from the media when trying to cover up their misdeeds on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: I’m sure you’ve all been lectured by some whiny, upscale lib about White privilege, male privilege, straight privilege. You know, the greatest hits. But here’s one you don’t hear much about – liberal privilege. If you’re a Democrat, you can get away with just about anything in this country. You can lie, cheat, steal, whatever you want, without consequence because there’s an entire system in place to protect Americans who lean blue when something goes wrong. 

The machine kicks into high gear. Excuses are made. Evidence just disappears. And the media makes sure the controversy goes away. They look out for their own. And if you aren’t on their side, you get dumped in the basket of deplorables with all the other racists and mass shooters. Hillary Clinton pioneered this tactic way back in 2016. Remember that? It almost worked. And Joe Biden is doing the same thing right now, demonizing millions of responsible Republicans who own firearms. They’re deplorables, but not his son, Hunter. He voted for dad. 

MILWAUKEE, WI – AUGUST 20: In this screenshot from the DNCC’s livestream of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, addresses the virtual convention on August 20, 2020.  The convention, which was once expected to draw 50,000 people to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is now taking place virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.  (Photo by DNCC via Getty Images)  (Photo by Handout/DNCC via Getty Images)

So it’s totally cool that he committed a felony by lying on a federal gun background check. Think about that. A drug addict breaks the law, buys a gun and uses it in some weird fantasy with hookers in a seedy hotel room. And then he loses it. He gets a pass. The press looks the other way. That’s liberal privilege. 

Do you think Don Jr would get away with that? I don’t think so. How about the Bush twins? What if they went on a crack bender and tossed a hot gun in a dumpster across from a school? We know they wouldn’t. But you get the point. 

The “I don’t know” defense only works for Democrats. And it’s not just the media helping with the clean-up effort. In Hunter’s case, the Secret Service even chipped in. Yeah. When the gun went missing, they helped search the dumpsters and didn’t think twice when Hunter claimed two Mexicans probably took it. You see, liberal privilege is all about getting off scot-free. Instead of getting handcuffs, you get a clean record. It’s a win-win for everybody involved. 



This article was written by Fox News staff.

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