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New book shares the ‘key’ to happiness as you age and enter your ‘second act’

New book shares the 'key' to happiness as you age and enter your 'second act'

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Social scientist and professor Arthur Brooks joined ‘One Nation with Brian Kilmeade’ to discuss his new book on finding success and happiness in the second half of life.

ARTHUR BROOKS: Look, this book that we’re talking about is your 401K plan for happiness and that 401K plan, that retirement plan for happiness, is not about retirement, it’s about getting older and getting happier. And that means using your wisdom, your pattern recognition, your knowledge, your teaching ability, more and more and more. Each one of us should become more like instructors as we get older.

Early on, you work hard, you have indefatigable energy, you’re able to focus in an unbelievable way. It’s kind of your Mark Zuckerberg intelligence that you have early. You answer any questions somebody poses to you. Later on, you know the right questions to answer, and that’s an incredibly important thing. 

You might be a startup entrepreneur earlier on, later do venture capital because you’re going to be able to teach, you’re going to be able to see patterns. We all should actually go to mentors and instructors as we age.


Darshan Shah
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