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Steve Hilton slams ‘shambolic,’ and ‘incoherent’ Mayorkas interview: This is ‘not satire?’

Steve Hilton slams 'shambolic,' and 'incoherent' Mayorkas interview: This is 'not satire?'

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“The Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton tore into Alejandro Mayorkas on his show Sunday after the Department of Homeland Security secretary insisted that the border crisis has been effectively managed by the Biden administration.

STEVE HILTON: That is not satire. It is not a spoof. This is the actual homeland Security secretary speaking this morning. Hard to believe a senior official in the world’s most powerful nation could put in a performance so shambolic, so incoherent, so completely delusional. 

What a total joke. Why can’t these people just do their job?… But of course they don’t know how to solve problems. They’ve totally given up on any actual reform of anything, any attempt to actually improve the systems they are responsible for, immigration, or welfare or healthcare, whatever it is. The only thing they are able to do is spend money…all they do is take our money and put it into bureaucratic schemes that totally fail to solve the underlying problems, and in fact, makes everything worse.

The Biden economy is a total disaster [but]…don’t worry about reality. The Biden propagandists and the state media are here to tell you it is fine. [New York Times headline:] ‘The US economy shrinks, but the underlying measures are solid’ spun the Biden times- sorry – the New York Times. ‘The economy is solid? Remember that the next time you fill your car up and can’t believe how much it costs.


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